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If your organisation is required to deliver, setup and commission a plant or equipment but don’t have the manpower to do so. We can assist you by supplying you with a qualified commissioning team.

The Commissioning team will attend all required training at your facility / factory.  Once the plant / equipment has arrived at the destination we will deploy the trained commissioning team to install and commission the plant. The commissioning team will also train your customers operating personnel and oversea the operation as long as needed.

Maintenance & Repairs

The commissioning team can be deployed to attend to periodical required maintenances tasks.

If the plant requires urgent repairs members of the initial commissioning team will be deployed on short notice to undertake necessary repairs on the plant.


If required we can deploy a pre-commissioning team to the installation site, to ensure that all requirements for the installation of the plant/equipment are met. To ensure a hassle-free installation / commission of your plant/equipment

Commissioning of Plant's and Equipment

Operational Support Solutions in Crisis Regions