Operational Support Solutions in Crisis Regions


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Sourcing the perfect candidate for that important project, leave cover or spike in demand can be a real challenge. Not only are you under time pressure to fill the position, you also need access to high caliber personnel that have the relevant industry experience, and offer the right cultural fit. Right People, Right Place, Right Time! That's what Wedekind.one does. We understand that your business is everything to you. It is vital you have people who will fit, deliver more than your expectations and meet both your skills and work culture fit for your organisation. Come to us because we do a great job. We can also offer you salary advice, assistance with job descriptions, market trends, and benchmarking. If you have a Human Resource need, Wedekind.one is at your service. We are more than passionate about finding you the best staff in the marketplace and we won't rest until we have found the right person for the job. If your Organisation requires a Project, Site, Construction or Mobilization Manager then look no further. At Wedekind.one we have the right staff available for your needs. We have managers operating in most industry segments on call, and can deploy them on short notice to any corner of the globe. All our Professionals have worked or currently working in high risk areas such as Afghanistan and Africa. As most of our managers have worked for many years in these regions, they have extensive local knowledge and also poses a large contact database of local firms and individuals to assist with the management of your projects.

Our priority is to recruit the best of the best. Top candidates will only make career moves if they see new mountains to climb, the opportunity to extend themselves and a chance to make a real difference. Our mission is to find these people! Wedekind.one offers a complete range of services designed to help businesses leverage workforce solutions. If your organisation is looking for permanent, temporary or contract employees for your challenging crisis locations, we can quickly provide you with excellent candidates. We recruit for organizations across all staffing levels employing local and international staff as appropriate.

In challenging and crisis locations, many business operate under hardship and need to keep overhead costs low in this uncertain economic times. To ensure the survival of a company the belt has to be tightened. In many cases, that may mean to cut back on the workforce within the company and have a lower-cost labour force employed with less experience and, in many cases, without qualifications. But this need not be your solution! Wedekind.one can supply you with cost effective, experienced and qualified people from countries like the Philippines, India and Kosovo.

At Wedekind.one, we have made it our Mission to supply our clients with a TCN workforce with qualifications or at least several years of work experience in the job.  We will not send our clients a qualified cook to work as a helicopter mechanic (it has been known to happen elsewhere!). Every single employee we send to our clients will have a certified trade certificate or checked work references with detailed work experience over at least 3 years.


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