Mobilization for Life Support in Mali ( current project )

Staff Replacement for a Drink Water Treatment Plant

Jay and Heyko are currently deployed in Mazar E Sharif, to replace employees on leave and to operate a static drink water treatment plant. The tasks include quality testing, ensure sufficient supply of drinking water to the camp.

Project management Movement of two Aircraft Hangars from Afghanistan to Mali.

Heyko is responsible for the overall project management of the dismantling and shipping of two aircraft hangars from Afghanistan to Mali. Project tasks include hiring and managing a local and international workforce, hiring construction machinery, organising packaging and shipment via land see and air.

Project Management for the installation and commissioning of a water treatment in Afghanistan

Jay and Heyko where responsible for the overall project management for the installation and commissioning of a containerised drink water treatment plant. Project tasks included, receiving of the WTP, installation of the WTP, commissioning of the WTP, training local personal in operating the WTP. 

Condition Assessment of a Water Treatment Plant located in Afghanistan.

Conducting a conditions assessment of a Water Treatment plant in Afghanistan on behalf of the manufacturer 

Logistic Support for Cargo Plane in Mazar E Sharif Afghanistan

Providing management and logistical assistance / support to a Air Cargo Flight with 107 Tonnes provisions for a military base in northern Afghanistan.


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Operational Support Solutions in Crisis Regions