Operational Support Solutions in Crisis Regions


W.G.B.S              +61 425201890            heyko@wedekind.one


This service could be utilized for

  • Site Visits
  • Urgent Staff Replacement
  • Delivery or pick up of items such as documents or urgent replacement parts.
  • Cash Delivery and/or Pick up
  • Contractor Meetings
  • Procurement information Meetings
  • Tender briefing sessions
  • Business meetings
  • Customer requests a face-to-face visit
  • your employees find themselves in difficult situations such as hospitalization or arrest by local authorities

​​From time to time your organisation maybe requires a representative or staff replacement to be on location at short notice. If this situation arises and you need a representative / staff replacement to be deployed within hours to any corner of the globe to represent your organization Jay and Heyko can assist you. They will take on the task them-selfs were possible, if you need a trained or qualified person for a specific assignment, we have the right qualified and experienced personnel on standby and can promptly deploy a staff member. Once on location, our staff member will brief you on the situation and continuing progress during the deployment via phone, email or video (as local conditions permit) and, at the end of each day, you will receive a updated report. If required, our representative will contact you to discuss the strategy for the next day. After the deployment the representative will write a comprehensive report to inform you about his deployment and on the current situation. Also the agent will be available for a debriefing in your office if required.