Operational Support Solutions in Crisis Regions


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W.G.B.S was established by Heyko and Jay Ann Wedekind to provide consultancy and subcontractor services in association with our professional partners. W.G.B.S mission is to assist companies and organizations to continue or establish business operations in high risk and crisis regions.

Partners & associates of W.G.B.S have been deployed on assignments in regions such as Central Asia, South East Asia and Africa for several years and have the "know how" and the experience to establish and manage a succesful operation in such regions.

W.G.B.S will do the groundwork and mobilization for clients wanting to establish  operations in high risk areas but have not the experience and strategy in place.

 W.G.B.S is one stop shop starting with setting up operations or infrastructure such as offices workshops and accommodation and sourcing local partners

W.G.B.S. will source you the right local and international staff and can arrange their travel requirements including visas and work permits. This team can gain peace of mind by outsourcing your assignment to W.G.B.S until the operation functions smoothly and is safe to be taken over by your own personnel. It is our aim to build a long term relationship with our clients for future business opportunities - with W.G.B.S. you will be in safe hands​.

About US

  • Mobilization Solutions
  • Project Management Consulting (PMC)
  • Recruitment Solutions
  • Global Courier Services 
  • Representation 
  • Pre-commissioning Services
  • Commissioning Teams 
  • Pick up, delivery or escort cargo (money, documents, passports or replacement parts)
  • Pre-deployment organization 
  • Facility and Camp Management